Kennedy Metal Works - We BRACKET so you can BUY IT
We are your axe / shovel / pulaski bracket provider.
Never forget your axe and shovel again! KMW is focused on providing high-quality, HEAVY DUTY steel, and powder-coated shovel and axe/pulaski brackets. Our brackets are manufactured to fit on your wildland fire trucks, personal truck, SUV, ATV, Safari Rack, or pretty much, anywhere you see fit!
Basically, anywhere you choose to mount your bracket-set, you can do it. These brackets are what loggers, industrial uses,hunters and any outdoorsman need. We strive to give 100% service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet, then exceed your expectations. (Made to take 1/4" bolts; bolts are not included).
We are a wholesale business, and only sell our brackets to retailers. If you are looking to purchase a bracket set, please contact us, and we will direct you to your local retail provider that sells KMW Brackets. (one retailer listed below)
  • We offer two different sets of brackets.
  • The most-purchased bracket-set is the LOGGER. The LOGGER is the smaller
             bracket of the two options. The LOGGER fits a standard shovel.
  • Our second bracket option is the USFS (Us Forest Service) bracket. The USFS bracket will hold a deeper shovel, and is a good option for anyone.
We take Visa, MasterCard and Discover
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Orders shipped same day, or
next business day. Via UPS.
All Bbackets are made with steel, welded, and powder-coated in house.